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1 TransAction Theatre

TransAction Theatre

Written by

Joey Hateley,

BSLI artist

Siobhan Rocks

Directed by

Jonathan McGrath




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"That house was a place where people were frightened of living. You awoke in the middle of the night and found red, running in grime round the rim of the bath. In the morning the sweat had evaporated leaving not a trace of dampness in my mind."

"Take the dream out of your head, put it beneath your feet and dont look down".

diRTy is a cutting edge theatrical journey to redemption through some of the darkest nights of the soul - an explosive, visceral portrayal of disintegration. Will we remain trapped by the chains that bind us or can we lead each other towards the light? 


"She swallowed more than she could chew, followed him home and fell on her knees while he blessed himself inside her, opened her raw and crumbled my remains".

TRIGGER WARNING: diRTy contains sexually explicit content, nudity, bad language , live fiming that will be streamed on the internet and is suitable for 16+

A live autobiographical performance piece, diRTy is told through multi-media, comedy and conversation between conflicting internal persona’s inside someone’s head. From the satirical to the satanical, diRTy provides insights into the roles of hero, victim and perpetrator that we rein-act in Eric Berne’s drama triangle, integrated with BSLI. Societal stereotyping, gender norms and personal secrets interweave a person’s struggle to summon their internal army to break free from a cocoon of torment and shame. To transcend boundaries of self-doubt and realise we are perfectly abnormal, magical and mystical; is the essence that connects all of us.


diRTy is a beautiful waste; a multi-media perverted psycho-drama and visionary extravaganza.

This performance is a raw depiction of the taboos and excesses of humanity and a unique piece of Trans-feminist theatre that asks: where would you draw the line? diRTy opens at DadaFest International, Bluecoats, Liverpool, 7:30pm 30th Nov 2016

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