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The hilarious subversive theatre-cabaret performance album! The Gender Joker A.K.A Joey Hateley takes you on a journey through multi-genre songs you know and love and twists them so you will never listen to them in the same way again! With the help of a variety of costumes The Gender Joker, ridicules, parodies and queers the westernized global music industry, using its own mass media against itself. De-constructing ‘MTV’ media, The Gender Joker questions who’s reality is being represented, who is included, what messages are we being are force-fed and to who’s benefit? With cutting political satire through a trans-feminist lense The Gender Joker invites you to reveal your dark side by assisting in the comedic perversion of: Justin Timberlake, The Beatles, Coldplay, Katy Perry, The Sound of Music, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Nat King Cole, Abba, Eminem, Faithless, Tears for Fears, Bonnie Tyler, Oliver the musical and more!

The Gender Joker Show

13 Dr J-Absolut Queer
34 Dr J-Absolut Queer
35 Dr J-Absolut Queer
9 Dr J-Absolut Queer
42 Dr J-Absolut Queer
56 R Adams
Rachel Saunders small
Joel Chester 2
39 Del LaGrace  Volcano
82 R Adams
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