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Be warned Ladies and Gentlemen’! A:Gender delves deep into one of the last remaining taboos in our society.  Boys can be girls.  Girls can be boys.   Men can be women.  Women can be men.  Or can they? A:Gender is an innovative multi-media touring performance piece that takes a long, hard and sometimes uncomfortable look at our notions of gender.  This multi-art form experimental theatre piece about female masculinity, links trans and alternative gender identities to the bigger picture to create a bold, searing and heart felt piece of contemporary performance. Asking us to question the status quo, angrily confronting us with real life instances of the ‘gender gap’, Joey pulls apart our ideas of what makes boy/girl, man/woman, butch/femme, s/he.  A: Gender plays with all the tricks of identity – questioning the norm and tenderly explaining the different… daringly mixing up drag/queer photography, videography, performance poetry, academia and science to rip up our notions of gender and start again. Whether an appointment at a doctors’ surgery or a visit to a public toilet, diverse moments in time connect the audience immediately to different realities of identity. The ideas behind the piece and the execution of A:Gender make for a striking and unconventional piece of experimental performance. A:Gender is a M2F tribute to Kate Bornstein’s life and work.‘


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